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Elementary Grades Parents Meeting

Power Point show

A Parents Meeting primer to create a simplified Discussion around the topic of Identity.

Why discuss Identity? We all need identity. Our Lord formed the identity of the church. We are called Christians and this is our identity.

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Orhodox Creed


"what do you believe in?" a question that could be asked in different ways. It also might mean the reasons of our hope according to St Peter in his letter. We should always be ready to answer " I believe in one God, God the Father, the Pantocrator.....

This book is a group of lectures on the Nicene-Constantinople Creed statements of Faith. It is a must for every Sunday school teacher who is involved in the process of teaching the Faith.

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The Orthodox Creed Presentations

The Orthodox Creed Presentations

What we believe

The Orthodox Creed is our constitution as Christian Orthodox people. Spelled out in short statements, each coming directly from the Word of God. In these presentations, each phrase is looked at with some depth. It is a must learn for everyone who lives in today's mix of beliefs and orientations.

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